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Consumer Discretionary

Business that sell non-essential consumer goods and services. These can include automobiles, retailers, media companies and apparel companies. Unlike the consumer staples sector, discretionary goods rely on a strong economy to perform well, as these goods are typically the first to suffer if consumers start tightening their budgets.



This sector includes all companies that profit from businesses that provide power, water and gas. These utilities are used by consumers, and the prices for these utilities within the sector are typically regulated by government agencies, limiting the upside for investment.


Telecomm Services

The Telecommunication services sector is made up of companies that provide consumers and businesses with communication solutions by cable, telephone, and broadcasting.


Consumer Staples

Consumer Staples include “essential” products that people are unwilling or cannot cut from their budget regardless of their financial position and therefore are independent in performance with relation to how well the economy is performing. These products include food, beverages, household items and tobacco.


Information Technology

The technology sector is made up of companies associated with the development and sales of computers, phones, tablets, software and internet service providers. Microsoft, Apple and Hewlett Packard are just a few of the large technology manufacturers that represent this sector. As of late Technology is a favourite with investors as technology companies can grow […]



This sector covers the most commonly traded raw materials, and companies that discover, develop and process them. These materials can include mined metals, chemicals and forestry products. This sector includes companies that specialize or develop these materials such as Goldcorp (GC) that where the value of these companies and their profitability is heavily reliant on […]



This sector is associated with the production and supply of energy and represents companies that are involved in the exploration and refinement of oil and gas. Energy prices can be volatile as they rise and fall with global demand or geo-political events that develop within exporting countries.



Defense, aerospace and construction equipment manufacturers are the three major industries that make up the industrial sector of the market. Government supported initiatives involving defense accounts represent a large portion of this sector. As a result this sector can be affected by government budget cuts. As aerospace and construction equipment manufacturers tend to be large […]



The Financial sector is one of the largest sectors of the market and includes banks and investment companies. Additionally insurance (including health) and real estate agencies are allocated to this sector. This sector typically reflects the economy in terms of performance; Financials do very well when the economy is growing and vice versa.


Health Care

A smaller sector in the market, as many healthcare providers are privately owned, typically by Universities. This leaves the majority of the sector made up of drug manufacturers followed by bio techs, and medical equipment manufactures respectively. This sector is very susceptible to price volatility; drug manufacturers are heavily regulated by the FDA and as […]


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